Deposit and withdrawal at PokerMatch

Playing slots, poker, baccarat, roulette, and tournaments require funds. Here's how to deposit money into PokerMatch from India. Generally, it's easy, but some clarification is needed. Also, you will learn what is the principle of withdrawal of funds from the account. There are enough ways to make financial transactions to choose one or more suitable ones.


Deposit via terminals

Let's start with the easiest part, how to deposit money into PokerMatch via a terminal. There are no commissions when you pay. In most terminals, you have to enter a tab with online games, social networks, other games, or something similar to transfer funds. To deposit, you need to enter your PokerMatch account number. You can find it in your account next to your login. Memorize your account number or write it down in a notepad or on your phone. To deposit funds, proceed as follows:

  • Locate the payment point in the terminal. Look for the familiar Pokermatch logo.
  • Click on it and in the line that opens, type in your account number.
  • Pay the desired amount and finalise the payment.

A receipt will be offered on the screen. We recommend that you keep it until you receive the money. Especially when transferring money for the first time. Remember that the terminal does not give change, and all the money is credited to the account. If you do not know where to deposit PokerMatch, have a look at the map with the location of the nearest terminal.

Topping up your account with bank cards

You can make deposits using the Visa and MasterCard payment systems. To do this, you need:

  • Go to “Payments” and open and open the “Deposit“ tab
  • Choose a suitable payment system.
  • Enter the recharge amount.
  • Enter the card details – number, expiry date, and CVV code.
  • Press the “Pay” button.

When you wait for the money to arrive, you can play or bet on sports.When you wait for the money to arrive, you can play or bet on sports.

How to make a deposit

PokerMatch cooperates with most payment systems, cryptocurrency platforms, and some mobile operators.

Money deposit via NETELLER

The deposit via NETELLER starts at “Payments”. There you have to select the appropriate payment method. Click or enter the amount you wish to transfer. Then the NETELLER login window will open, enter your username and password and confirm charging the amount. Wait till the money is deposited and start playing. Withdrawal of PokerMatch funds is also possible through the system.

Via ecoPayz

Go to your personal office, and go to the “Payments” tab. Choose the appropriate payment system. Choose or type in the transfer amount. The software will redirect you to the ecoPayz start page. Enter your login and password. In the opened account, select your wallet and send funds. Wait for the balance to be credited.

Via AdvCash

The deposit scheme using AdvCash is similar to the previous ones. Log in to your account. Go to “Payments”, select the payment platform and click on “Deposit”. The system will redirect you to the start window of the financial service. Choose a wallet from which you want to pay. Think about what you will be playing while the deposit is being made.

Via Piastrix

In the top right corner of the website there is a “Payments” button, click on it. Open the ” Deposit” tab. Select an arbitrary or fixed deposit amount. Press the “Pay” button in the window that opens to confirm.

Deposing account with cryptocurrency

PokerMatch accepts payments in the form of the most known cryptocurrencies. Within the site, things are similar. Only the software of the different payment platforms differs. Note that the deposit is timed. Transfer funds from any wallet by selecting:

  • The currency of receipt and debit;
  • Payment system.

The next step in the transfer is to enter the recipient's details. The transfer is then confirmed. Note that there is a fee for transfers between cryptocurrencies. Execution on cryptocurrency takes a minimum of 10-15 minutes and a maximum of 24 hours. A notification about a successful transaction appears on the cryptocurrency wallet.

Account funding from a mobile phone operator

For users' convenience, there is also the option of making a deposit. The beginning of this procedure is standard. Having selected the mobile operator's payment platform for payment, decide on the amount and press the “Deposit” button. Enter the password from the SMS and press the big “Deposit” button.

Withdrawal methods

While making a deposit is usually straightforward and no instructions are required, how to withdraw money from PokerMatch in India needs to be found out and sorted out. In the meantime, there are many ways as well:

  • Visa and MasterCard bank cards.
  • Electronic wallets Skrill, Neteller and others.

Withdrawals from PokerMatch are also available to a cryptocurrency wallet, and mobile number.

In order for this procedure to be successful, you must be verified, i.e. you must prove your identity by sending a photo of your passport or other identification. This is done once the first time you cash out.

Withdrawal options at PokerMatch are the same as for deposits. There is a minimum withdrawal amount. But a certain amount of rake is required to complete the procedure.

Withdrawing funds to Pokermatch: step-by-step instructions

Follow the three steps in your PokerMatch account to withdraw your money.

  • Go to the Cashier section.
  • Select the "Withdraw" tab.

Enter a suitable amount, specify the data required for the subsequent transfer – for Visa/MasterCard the card number, for AdvCash, Perfect Money, and ecoPayz the wallet number in numbers, SKRILL, NETELLER the wallet number which matches your email address. To withdraw to mobile operators use the phone numbers in international format. Then wait for the transfer.

Please note, the WebMoney payment system has been disabled in PokerMatch since 23 June 2022 for deposits and withdrawals.

As you can see, the process is simple and straightforward. It does not take more than a day. With a large order, it may take up to two days. Conversion into euros and dollars at the exchange rate of the platform. This is the case when it does not support currency handling. Cashout fees are also expected, ranging from 1.5 to 3% depending on the withdrawal method.

Once again, PokerMatch's withdrawal methods are the same as for deposits. Therefore, it is better to fund your account with the payment systems you plan to order payouts to in the future.

Deposit and withdrawal history

Under “Payments” you can view PokerMatch's withdrawal history. It can be found in the ”History” tab. It can be filtered by a specific period. Deposits, withdrawals, credits, and debits are available for viewing. Here, in “Payments”, there is the account number of PokerMatch, and the rate is displayed. A separate list of data is provided:

  • Waiting to be paid out. These are funds temporarily frozen for later withdrawal.
  • Pending wagering. The company reserves the right to withhold 10% of the amount to be withdrawn
  • Funds are available for play. The money is available to play at the moment. Their amount is the difference between the “Total Balance” and the “Pending Payouts”.
  • TD balance. The poker room's internal currency to pay for tournament entries. There is no withdrawal of tournament funds. They are only used for multi-table tournaments, Windfall and Sit&Go. TD bonuses are earned in special promotions, bonus offers, tournaments, and contests on PokerMatch.

This information is open and allows you to keep track of your account status and bonus accruals.

Withdrawal limits from PokerMatch

You can withdraw any amount that is less than or equal to the deposit. There is no withdrawal limit from PokerMatch.

If the withdrawal amount is very large, Pokermatch requires a photo of your ID card. When depositing with a bank card, a photo of the front side of the card is also required. The first and last four digits are enough. CVV code is not required. Only you need to know this information.

You can find out more about financial transactions from the Terms and Conditions, in case you forgot what was in that document when you signed up.

Money with no deposit at PokerMatch

Now on to how to get money on PokerMatch without a deposit. The options are few and far between, but they are quite tempting:

  • Friend Bonus. Invite a new client to the platform and receive up to ₹500 per account. The more people you invite, the more money you have on deposit.
  • Instant bonus for new players. It immediately tops up your balance and does not require wagering.

Take every opportunity to increase your deposit, but do so honestly and in an authorized way.


Are there any restrictions on deposits and withdrawals?

There are no restrictions on withdrawals.

An amount equal to or less than the deposit can be ordered. PokerMatch reserves the right to withhold 10% of the withdrawal amount. This 10% will be deducted as payment costs.

Is there a commission?

PokerMatch adheres to a no-fee policy. But such a percentage is charged by payment systems. It varies between 1.5 and 3%. You can find out the percentage directly from the payment systems.

Is verification necessary?

Verification is mandatory to confirm personal and financial data. You must go through it once, presenting your identity documents. If you use a bank card, you need a picture of its front side. PokerMatch does not require a CVV code. The first and last four digits are sufficient.