Download the PokerMatch app

Looking for smartphone software with poker variants and more? We offer a site with slot machines, virtual and live casino—Poker Match. The app can be downloaded to any smartphone and desktop. Read on for how to do it.


Overview of the PokerMatch app

PokerMatch is an independent poker room. It is an official site but gladly accepts customers from different countries. For convenience, Poker Match can be downloaded for phones and desktops. The application is supported by various operating systems Android and iOS, macOS, and Windows. There is also a flash poker room format to play through a browser. New players are offered bonuses for their first deposit, regular players are offered promotions and tournaments.

The filter system is designed to be user-friendly. Tabs are used to move from cash games to tournaments. No matter where you decide to download Poker Match in India or another country, you get the same functionality everywhere. In addition to the main tabs, there are additional filters – you can select currencies, number of players, type of poker, limits, and buy-in levels.

Once you've managed to download PokerMatch for Android, start customizing the lobby to suit you:

  • Choose your slot theme.
  • Change the appearance of the cards.
  • Select an avatar image from those available, or upload your own photo or picture.
  • Change the volume, and turn sounds on and off.
  • Set up the "hotkeys".
  • Adjust the amount of buy-in.

During the game, you can mark your opponents in different colors and leave notes. They do not know about the changes. They can chat with you in the chat room, which is available to members of the same party.

You can download PokerMatch to your phone, but you cannot use additional poker software such as calculators, trackers, and managers along with the app.

Benefits of an app on your phone

When you visit the website from your smartphone, you see the mobile browser version of the poker room. You can use it to manage your account or read the news, but you can't access the lobby in that format – you have to download an Android app to play poker matches. The mobile version of the website has a special link. The system itself detects the operating system of the device and offers the appropriate installation file.

The PokéMatch app, which can be downloaded to Android, has a number of advantages:

  • It has the same functionality as a full-fledged poker room.
  • Provides a reliable connection even with a weak signal.
  • It has clever navigation.

Difficulties may only appear in conjunction with older operating system versions. But if you download PokerMatch on Android older than 5 years, the app will work. The developers care about the convenience of all poker room customers.

We recommend downloading Poker Match for Android in India. The games will be available to you wherever you are. Waiting in line? Play. Going to a meeting? Resting in the park? Play along.

How to download the PokerMatch app on Android?

To download Poker Match on Android, follow a few steps:

  • Allow files to be downloaded from unknown sources if a restriction is set.
  • Open the website or browser-based version of the poker room on your phone.
  • Click on the download link.
  • Wait for the installation file to load.
  • If for some reason the installation does not start automatically, go to the “Downloads” folder and click on the apk-file.

Once you've managed to download Poker Match, go to the lobby, log in to your account or create one if you don't have one.

How to download the PokerMatch app for iOS?

For the iOS operating system, the same rules and peculiarities of downloading apply as for Android. But we will repeat them:

  • Make sure that the correct geolocation is set on your smartphone. If you need to download Poker Match in India, tap the appropriate icon in your phone settings to determine your location.
  • Wait for the APK-file to download.
  • The installation starts automatically. Wait until it is complete.

As with any other version of the app, you will be able to log in to your account or create an account if you don't already have one.

Advantages of the PC app

We have said before that PokerMatch can be downloaded to your phone and computer.

The advantages of the desktop application include:

  • Easy to set up – there are tabs with different types of games, and tournaments, you can swap bonuses for real money, and so on.
  • Functions similar to the browser version. For example, the user can play at several tables at once. Their number is limited only by the player's ability to instantly engage in the gameplay.
  • Low software requirements, meaning the software can be installed on outdated versions of Windows and macOS.
  • Speed and ease of installation.

The only drawback of the desktop and mobile app is the application does not include the usual casino games, such as slots. To play them, you need to switch to the mobile version.

How to download PokerMatch on a PC?

To download the PokerMatch desktop app, you need to take a few steps:

  • Open the page with the link to the app. If it is unavailable, use a VPN or other convenient way around the blockage.
  • Click on the “Download” button. The system detects your desktop software and selects the desired program.
  • Open the installation file in the “Downloads” folder.
  • Select the desired language. English is available amongst others. Please note that it is only set once. You cannot change the language afterward. Press the “Install” button.
  • Enter your username and password in the window that opens or register.

This takes you to the lobby, where you can choose a table and start playing. The whole process takes a few minutes. PokerMatch should only be downloaded from official sources. Downloading via Torrent or any other way is not safe.

Advantages and disadvantages of apps

We definitely recommend downloading PokerMatch on your smartphone or desktop. There are several reasons for this:

  • Stable operation with a weak but stable signal.
  • The functionality is similar to the browser version of the site. All the same tabs with poker types, settings, game history, and more.
  • A clever design of mobile apps. For smartphones, they are made in a horizontal format. Convenient in that the customer controls the process with one finger.
  • You can download PokerMatch for free on Android directly from the official website. This also applies to other devices or operating systems. There is no need to go to shops or look for software anywhere else. Everything is collected in one place.
  • The appropriate operating system application for your device is selected by the software.

The only disadvantages are that you cannot change the language after installation, and there is no cash register. You have to go to the browser version of the poker room to deposit your balance. But these arguments are too weak to dissuade you from downloading PokerMatch.

What does PokerMatch offer to play?

The site offers not only poker, but also slot machines. There is access to a live and virtual casino.

Slot machines

There are several hundred games available in the Pokermatch club. These are developed by more than 30 providers. Some of them play jackpots, so that the player can win maximum rewards. Some of the slots are tournaments. Try your luck in them. There are classic machines with clear rules and minimal functionality. But they're easy to win. And there are modern slots with realistic graphics and music. Some are made like mini-movies with the opportunity to win and be rewarded.


Play online if you're not sure if you should download PokerMatch. Go to the Poker tab, open the Play in Browser function and dive right in. The browser-based version of the lobby has also been used to create apps for other devices. There's Hold'em, Chinese Poker, Omaha and more.

Live casino

Live casino games include roulette, baccarat, blackjack and monopoly. A distinctive feature of these games is the presence of a live dealer and video streaming. The croupier gets in touch with customers from a special studio. They communicate with the participants in English. The game has a chat room where gamblers who have placed bets have corresponded. The process is similar to a regular game. For example, in roulette, the dealer launches the ball on the wheel, and the player watches the process via a video link.

Virtual casino

The Virtual casino tab includes European, American, French roulette, blackjack, Caribbean poker, and keno. Of course, roulette remains the most popular game. You can learn its rules in a few minutes. All that remains is to choose a roulette version, place your bets and play to your satisfaction.

In a separate category, JetX presents a new dynamic game. The visitor's task is to place a bet, keep track of its height and stop in time. The multiplier starts at 1 and does not end, growing to infinity. Press 'Pick Up' when you feel the need to stop JetX, or it will explode. Or you can set the 'Automatically pick up' function and the bet will stop when the set multiplier is reached. Play as you see fit.


Freerolls are free poker tournaments. There is no entry fee, and you can win real money. Freerolls start several times a day. There are different variations of poker. A few freerolls are held with free entry. You can play PokerMatch India by logging into the client on the desktop or via the app. Click on the “Tournaments” tab. Filter the tournaments available by choosing Free rolls. Their passwords are also available on poker-themed forums. Poker players are happy to share this information with others. Passwords for those interested in playing poker are posted on social networking pages. Access can also be found on poker training resources. But the most correct way to obtain your password is by subscribing to the PokerMatch news. You will get regular e-mails with site updates along with tournament invites. We recommend playing in open tournaments for those who are learning the intricacies of poker. Gain experience and earn your first bankroll without any extra investment.


How much does it cost to use the PC client and app from PokerMatch?

Download Poker Match India and use it for free regardless of your device.

How to join a cash game in the PokerMatch mobile app?

Go to the “Cache Games” tab and join any table. You can leave the game at any time, just as you can join.

Do other players see me using the app?

The other players can only see that you are participating in the hand, but what software you are using is not.