How to register at Pokermatch

When a new user enters the website, they are prompted to register for PokerMatch. The whole process takes a few minutes. Afterward, be sure to do account verification. These two procedures allow access to poker, and other card games.


How to register and verify your Pokermatch account

All visitors to the PokerMatch website are immediately presented with a registration form. If you have closed it by clicking “Cancel” – that's OK. There is a registration button in the top right corner. Click it to create an account. The new user form has a minimum of cells:

  • Date of birth.
  • E-mail address. Enter it correctly.
  • Login and password. The username must be unique. If it already exists, the system will tell you so. The password must be complex—no shorter than 8 characters, including upper and lower case letters and at least one number.
  • Currency. Games available in rupees. Specify the currency used in the means of payment for the deposit.
  • Terms and Conditions, Data Protection— read and agree to be bound by them.

Consider whether you agree to be notified by email or text message. If not, uncheck the box. Click on the “Register” button.

The information you provide on the application form when registering with PokerMatch must be truthful. They are verified during the verification process. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. Go to the email and follow the link.

You will be asked to take a passport photo to verify your account. You can take a photo of your passport. Upload copies of your documents to the “Verification” section in your personal cabinet. Authenticate your deposit method. If you need instructions on a particular payment system, get them from the support team. To complete your online registration with PokerMatch, send an email or online chat to the website asking for verification.

Join PokerMatch: 3 easy steps to get started

  1. Register for PokerMatch India. Fill in the form and confirm your email address. Verify the account.
  2. Go to the computer lobby or download and install the app. There is software for desktops – Windows, macOS, and smartphones – Android, and iOS.
  3. Start the game. To open the playing area, enter your username and password. Choose a slot, roulette, or a suitable type of poker.

Passing through verification

Verification of your PokerMatch account is a mandatory procedure for safe gaming. It is handled by the poker room's security service in order to monitor the fair play principles. There are several reasons for registering and authenticating with PokerMatch India:

  • Not allowing underage users.
  • Eliminate the possibility of creating multiple accounts to commit fraud.

A document showing your first and last name, registration address, and date of birth is used for verification. If you have made a payment or are about to withdraw funds using a plastic card, the security service may ask for a photo of the card image to verify it. Verification takes anywhere from a few hours to 2 weeks. Moreover, you can play on PokerMatch right away without any restrictions.

Is there a no deposit for signing up to PokerMatch?

The PokerMatch sign-up bonus can be instant or redeemable. There are a total of 12 options to choose from. However, it is mandatory to make a minimum payment with one of the promo codes. If you forget your bonus code, you can still take part in the promotion. The main thing is to do it within 60 days of registration. And be sure to confirm your email, otherwise, the bonus code won't work.

The difference between an instant bonus and a wagering bonus is that it goes into your account immediately. You don't have to wager it. The wagering bonus is larger and is given out in instalments during play.

How to get a no deposit bonus

Players who deposit your account for the amount of at least ₹5,000 during the first deposit or for the amount of at least ₹10,000 during deposits #2-5, and get free spins as a gift in addition to money bonus!

Activating a promo code

In addition to the instant and wagering bonus, the poker room offers participation in freerolls. Promo codes open up participation in tournaments without a mandatory entry fee. You can find the accesses on social media, and receive them by email after signing up for promotions and news. Promo codes are willingly shared by experienced poker players on thematic platforms. They are published by some educational resources.

Find your referral code before you sign up at PokerMatch.It is entered on the Cashier page. The code will activate your first deposit bonus.

3 tips for registering a new user on PokerMatch

1. One player = one account

Play fairly and according to the rules. Do not create accounts for all of your relatives. This will make the security service suspicious. You may have your account blocked.

2. Give your real details as in your passport

Since authentication is by passport, there is no other option. And you won't be asked any questions by security. And if there's a problem, the support team is there to help. Verify your account as soon as you sign up.

3. Use two-factor authentication

It increases the security of your account. You will enter your password and a one-time security code when logging in to your profile or game app. PokerMatch applies two-factor verification based on Google Authenticator and some browser extensions. To enable it, you must download this tool and scan the QR code.

Making a deposit

You need to log in to your account on the website to make a deposit. It is not possible to deposit through the app. The system will still redirect you to the deposit page in the browser. In your personal account, go to the cashier's desk and click “Deposit”.

The process is carried out in several steps:

  • Click on the logo of the appropriate payment system.
  • Enter the amount and bonus code (if any).
  • Enter the details. For some top-up methods, this must be done on the next page.
  • Confirm the operation.

The list of payment systems depends on the country and the client's previous transactions. In most cases, the minimum card deposit is ₹500. There are no commissions. It is charged on withdrawal (up to 3%).


What information is needed to register?

Date of birth, email address. You also need to come up with a unique username and password.

Does PokerMatch have a first deposit bonus?

There is an instant wagering bonus. There are a total of 12 options to choose from. Freerolls are also available.

Is it necessary to register separately to play casino or POKER?

One account is enough.

Trying to download the client but the site is not working, what can I do?

The site is blocked in some countries. Use a VPN or other convenient method to bypass the ban.